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Janitorial Guide: What is Air Duct Cleaning

Posted on 11 June 2018 by admin (0)

Air Duct Cleaning

Janitorial services agencies provide many services to their clients which include air duct cleaning and in order to understand this item, this guide will include a lot of essential information about air duct cleaning as a main part of janitorial services.

1. What is air duct cleaning and why is it part of janitorial service?
Most people now know the importance of keeping their environment clean; it is why we created janitorial service in the first place. Janitorial services agencies try their best to maintain the indoor services as good as they are nowadays and this includes air duct cleaning.
The air duct cleaning aims to improve the quality of air inside your home and its cost depends on multiple factors that include the following factors.
• The level of contamination of the ducts.
• The climate of the region you live in.
• Accessibility to the system.
• The size of the system that will be cleaned by the janitorial services agents.

2. How to decide if you want your ducts to be cleaned or not?
Let’s talk about the two main points separately.
• Your ducts do not need to be cleaned if no one in your home has unexplained symptoms or allergies lately, if there is no indication of contamination in the ducts when you inspect them and when there is no mold or accumulated dust in the ducts.
• Your ducts need to be cleaned when a family member has symptoms that are suspected to be due to something at the home. Also if you inspected the ducts and found out that there is mold or dust, then you probably will need to call the best air duct cleaning services to handle the situation.
Also it is logical that the ducts will need to be cleaned once a while so keep it clean by calling the experts to clean it regularly.

3. How to find the best company to clean your ducts?
You can find this type of companies in the yellow pages but the best way to find them is to search for the best of the best then compare between them. Ask family members, friends and neighbors about the best company that they have made business with and ask about the results. You will definitely find someone who had your problem.
You can also search online for the best companies in your area and read the reviews from their previous customers. Go to the company that had done work for a client that had a similar problem with his/her ducts as yours.
Don’t just hire the first company that you will find. Take your time and search well because the price can range widely too. Look for the most experienced company with the lowest prices.

4. What will the workers do?
The workers should accomplish the following missions.
• Open access ports or doors to give the whole a chance system to be cleaned.
• Check the ducts well before start working.
• Vacuum the ducts well with full control not to make your furniture and carpets get dirty.