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What is the best way to wash jeans?

Posted on 18 December 2019 by admin (0)

There are a number of different ways to wash jeans but the opinion is usually split on which method is most effective in providing the best results. Some people prefer washing jeans by hand while others tend to wash them in standard washing machines. Similarly, people also tend to get the services of professionals in order to wash their jeans, which can sometimes be expensive and put an extra burden on their budget. The use of proper cleaning agent is also an area of concern for the people as abrasive cleaning agents can affect the material of the jeans and affect their original color. Therefore, in this article, we will explain a standard method to wash jeans with the help of which users can achieve satisfactory results without affecting the quality and appearance of the item.

The supplies required to perform the cleaning process

In this article, we will explain a process to wash jeans in a washing machine or a laundromat; therefore, users will require a few supplies in order to achieve the desired results. We recommend using a washing machine to clean jeans in case the material of the item is not too delicate. A washing machine can simplify the process of cleaning and provide standard results; however, we also recommend checking the cleaning recommendations for the item before performing the process. Some of the supplies required for the process explained in this article are as below:

  1. Cleaning agents: A cleaning agent will help in removing dirt and stains as well ensure thorough cleanliness by removing all sorts of unwanted residue present on the item. We recommend using a cleaning agent depending upon the recommendations of the manufacturing company. However, users can also use standard commercial and natural cleaners available in order to achieve satisfactory results. 
  2. Washing machine: A household washing machine will be effective in performing the process in a convenient manner.

Steps involved in the process to clean jeans

There are a few precautions that people should follow before performing the process to wash jeans. We recommend putting less load on the washing machine by adding an only suitable amount of items during a cycle. Light and dark color jeans should be separated from each other and washed in separate cycles as mixing them can affect the color of light jeans. Similarly, jeans should be added in the washing machine upside down as otherwise, the color of jeans might start to come off. The steps involved in the process are as follows:

  1. In the first step, add an appropriate quantity of water in the washing machine, which will provide a medium for adding the cleaning agent and washing the jeans.
  2. Now, add the cleaning agent in the water and put the jeans upside down in the washing machine. Set the machine for a standard cycle and let the cleaning process take place.
  3. On completion of the standard cycle, let the jeans dry in the machine but remove them before the completion of the dryer cycle. In this way, jeans will be slightly damp and require further drying before they can be used. Therefore, let the jeans dry in air for an hour or until they are completely dry. You can know more about how to apply the encapsulation carpet cleaning process here.