How to choose the best carpet cleaner

Posted on 23 May 2018 (0)

Choosing the best carpet cleaner


If you want to buy a carpet cleaner and you don’t know what features you should look for, you will find the answer here. The main reason of buying a carpet cleaner is to clean not to damage your floor. You have to make sure that the carpet cleaner is suitable for your usage, so let’s find out some features you will need to check before buying.

1. The weight: 

The lighter the carpet cleaner is, the better it will be. The advantages of the lightweight cleaner are:
– You will be able to reach the tiny areas that are hard to reach.
– You will carry it upstairs easily.
– They are light so they will not push dust particles deep into the fibers.

2. The tank’s size of the cleaner: 

The best feature is to have a dual tank system. This way you will have both the clean and dirty water in the cleaner. Of course the large tank is better than the small one because you don’t have to refill it over and over, yet the smart dual system is the best.

3. The hose:

The longer the hose, the more places you will be able to reach. If you don’t want to move the cleaner often, buy the one with the longest hose.

4. Tank features:

There are two more tank features you need to consider.
– The tank lights which will tell you if the tank needs to refill or to be emptied.
– The tank automatic shutdown: when the tank is full of dirty solution, there is a sensor that will shut down the suction operation till you empty the tank.

5. Brush System: 

This determines the efficiency of the cleaner. There are two types of brush systems; the fixed one and the moving one.
The moving is better as it moves once you turn the cleaner on and not when you push the cleaner as the fixed one.

6. Steam cleaner: 

When will my carpet dry? This is the next question you will ask yourself after cleaning it. It was a problem and floors took a long time to dry but this was before the steam systems. There are many advantages of using steam cleaners like:
– Low flow technology will make the output quantity low so the surface will dry quickly.
– The low flow will not affect the cleaning power.
– It is perfect for places with limited drainage systems.

7. Multi-surface cleaner: 

Now you have cleaned your carpet and you want to clean the floor. A cleaner with the multi-surface cleaning feature will make this happen easily. You will turn your cleaner from cleaning carpets to cleaning the floor by attaching a squeegee.

Choose the most perfect carpet cleaner. Keeping your floors always clean is important to increase their life and appearance. Also we don’t know what fibers are harboring. Things like bugs, dust and hair can be harmful to allergic persons so constant cleaning of carpets is healthy.

Your floors are important at keeping your home warm and lovely. Take care of them to keep your home perfect. If needed, call a professional janitorial service company that specializes in carpet cleaning.

Four Reasons to Hire a Janitorial Company for your Office’s Cleanings

Posted on 11 May 2018 (0)

Perhaps you’re wondering what is it that a janitorial Service can do that you cannot handle yourself at the office. When you think about your duties and responsibilities at the office, you’ll realize there’s so much to be done as far as the business is concerned. It’s important to distinguish services that can be maintained in-house from those that need to be outsourced to enhance efficiency and productivity. Every business and commercial building needs to maintain a healthy, clean working environment, no matter how busy the employees and employer are.

The fact that cleaning your office isn’t easy doesn’t mean you work in a dirty, disorganized office. We both know you have multiple obligations outside your business operations which is why you should consider hiring Janitorial Services to help maintain your office and take care of all your cleaning needs. Here are the reasons why hiring a professional Janitorial Service is a good idea.

Higher Quality Cleaning Service

Cleaning isn’t your area of expertise, is it? Why then try something you’re not an expert in? A janitorial service has professional cleaners with the expertise as well as the most appropriate cleaning equipment to take care of all your office cleaning needs. You can, therefore, rest assured of high quality, efficient service as the cleaning professionals use the right equipment, cleaning products, and techniques to keep your commercial building clean and healthy.

Keep your Employees Healthy

A clean office is safer for your employees and guests. As an employer, you’re not only concerned about the profitability of your business but protecting your employees’ health. By hiring a professional Janitorial Service, you can help protect the health of the people at your office. Remember disease causing micro-organisms thrive in untidy environments. A commercial Janitorial Service can help alleviate this problem. What will make your employees miss work if none of them is falling sick because of the work environment? A clean office means less sick days hence reduced absenteeism. Ultimately, your employees will be more productive.

Save Money

You don’t have to pay your employees an extra salary to clean your commercial building. Let them focus on what they’re good at and outsource your cleaning to a Professional Janitorial Company. The fact that you’re not paying your employees for the hours they have to spend cleaning means you’re saving money. Note that a Janitorial Service will complete the cleaning job thoroughly within the shortest time possible. This could be half the time you or your employees would take to do it. You can redirect this energy and time to other important things in the business.

Better First Impression

When it comes to running a business, first impressions to your customers and visitors matter. The last thing you want to keep customers from your office is lack of cleanliness. A clean office and commercial building offers good first impressions to customers. It makes them feel more welcome and influences the reputation of your business.