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How to apply the Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning Process

Posted on 19 December 2018 by admin (0)
applying the encapsulation carpet cleaning process

Encapsulation carpet cleaning process is a type of the Dry Carpet Cleaning technique, however, the semantics of this process is slightly different from those of other types of dry carpet cleaning techniques. It is highly useful in janitorial services and situations where a quick cleaning of rugs and carpets is required.

Mostly, in an office environment where there is a need to keep the carpet clean even during the work hours, encapsulation carpet cleaning can come in handy. It does not involve the application of water or moisture component, which is why the dry cleaning can be carried out even during the work hours. Similarly, since no moisture component is involved, the drying period is also short which means that vacuuming can also be carried out shortly after the application of the cleaning agent.

Common Equipment and Supplies for Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning

It is also of the types of dry carpet cleaning techniques, which have become possible due to the technological innovation in this field. It involves the use of a special machine, which can smoothly apply the cleaning component on the rug and a vacuum cleaner. This can suck the residue. Some of the equipment and supplies required in the Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning process are as follows:

  1. Chemical Sprayer: It will be used to smoothly spray the chemical on to the surface of the carpet. The gadget should be accurate and precise so that all areas of the carpet are covered.
  2. Rotary or Cylindrical Brush/Pads Machine: This machine is used to properly apply the chemical on the carpet. It will encapsulate the particles of dirt and other impurities.
  3. Vacuum Cleaner: It is used to suck the residue of the chemical, which encapsulates the dirt and sand particles on the carpet. Vacuum Cleaning is an integral part of the encapsulation carpet cleaning.
  4. Matrix Double Strength Encapsulant: A chemical or compound is required to be sprayed over the surface of the carpet. This will encapsulate the particles in this process.

Mandatory Steps Involved in the Cleaning Process

The procedure of the cleaning process is standard and easy to follow for cleaning companies and household individuals. Following are some of the common steps involved in this process of carpet cleaning:

  1. In the first step, there is a need to thoroughly vacuum the carpet so that any large size unwanted item or particle can be removed. This will also remove the suspension particles in the upper layer.
  2. Now, the upper layer particles have been removed. The dirt particles attached with the fibers or in the bottom need to be removed. Apply the Double Strength Encapsulant chemical on the carpet using the sprayer.
  3. Use the rotary machine having brush or pads to properly apply the chemical on the carpet.
  4. Let the chemical to dwell for some time so that the chemical crystallizes the dirt particles. The dwelling process usually takes up to 15 minutes.
  5. The crystallized particles are now ready to be sucked by the vacuum cleaner.

This brings a clean and pleasant look to the carpet. While at the same time enhancing the life of the carpet.